Sunday, February 15, 2015

Being a True Disciple

Dear Missionary Sister or Elder,

      Sister Curtiss suggested that I write to each of you.  Because I am learning about sending to missionaries of either Spanish or English as a first language, I plan to write in Spanish, then English.  Try to read the language that is less familiar to you first... if you can correct my translation, it is worth 5 points per correction.  If you choose to write back in another language than your native language, it is 5 points per paragraph.  Blessings to you!

The first email I will write is about what was discussed in Leadership Council yesterday--being a true disciple.

      When Elder Starkey and I were flying to visit a daughter in Arizona in November, I saw next to me on the airport concourse what I thought was President Uchtdorf.  I pointed with my lips (Central America-style) to Elder Starkey:  "Look!  See who is walking beside us!"  Elder Starkey replied, "I know!"  We said nothing.  Later, walking onto the airplane, juggling luggage, I passed the first few seats and saw President Uchtdorf looking up at me.  "Are you home, or are you going home?"  President Uchtdorf asked.
      ["Well, we have been on a mission and are going on another.  Like potato chips, no one can eat just one!"  He and Sister Uchtdorf both wanted to know where we had been and where we were headed.  We were headed to Cobán, Guatemala.  They smiled, and we walked on to find our seat.]

      Later, I was reading in 1 Nephi 14 about the "Apostle of the Lamb." We had just met and spoken with one.  He could have been reading the newspaper, checking his email, talking to his wife--but as people were entering the airplane, he looked up and out and cared about them--looking at their eyes, engaging them, one by one.  I thought of the risen Lord in 3 by one, the people that were gathered could feel and see and know, because He reached out to care for them, one by one.

      A sister in our home ward had a non-LDS friend from California who traveled to visit the Salt Lake Conference Center.  When the man finished receiving his tour, the "guide" on top of the building handed over his business card, and told the man to call him anytime.  "Just call me 'Dieter,'" he said.  And the friend did call to let his new friend "Dieter" hear of his baptism. 

      I have decided that if an apostle of the Lamb has time to contact and share testimony and interest in others, maybe I do, too!

Question:  Can you think of a significant experience lately, where Heavenly Father has led you to contact or help someone feel, see and know? 

      Our next door neighbor,  after helping us with the garbage and pure water, accepted the invitation from Elder Starkey and I to share a Family Night this Wednesday.  The family is so kind, and the little boy loves Capitan America.  Please, pray for the family of little Romero and for us (we are new at this.)  

      Blessings to you in your contacting, teaching, testifying. 


Elder and Sister Starkey

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