Wednesday, June 8, 2016

For the Future, Para el futuro

Elders and Sisters--
Thank you testing the promise of a prophet of the Lord in the latter days that He will pour out his Spirit on his handmaids and young men. (See Joel 2:28–29.) I testify to you that learning a language is part of this promise.    We are counting on each of you to step to the plate in completing and/or helping your companion finish English study each day, and preparing to pass the ACTFL test for English. President Curtiss tells us that those returning to Latin countries knowing English can triple their earning power.  This will bless families and the Church.  

If you would like me to put you on our email list (for update/photos of future missionary adventures) feel free to respond to this email with any post-mission contact info.  

Much repect for what you are doing to build the kingdom and future of your own family!
Hermana y Elder Starkey
Elderes y Hermanas - 
Gracias por probar la promesa de un profeta del Señor que en los últimos días que derramará su Espíritu en sus criadas y jóvenes. (Ver a Joel 2:28–29.) Testifico a ustedes que el aprendizaje de una lengua es la parte de esta promesa.   Estamos contando con con cada uno de ustedes para completar y/o ayudar a su compañero a terminar el estudio inglés cada día para preparar a pasar la prueba de ACTFL de inglés. El presidente Curtiss nos dice que los que vuelven a países latinos conociendo inglés pueden triplicar su poder de ganancia. Esto bendecirá a familias y la iglesia.

Si le gustara que le pongamos en una lista del correo electrónico (para la actualización/fotos de futuras aventuras misioneras) por favor responda a este correo electrónico con cualquier información de contacto de la postmisión.

¡Mucho repecto para lo que hace para edificar el reino y el futuro de su propia familia! 
Hermana y Elder Starkey

Monday, May 30, 2016

Elders in Senahú: Pray, sing, write; ¡Ore, cante escriba!

Elders in Senahuj:

Elder Beteta, Elder Gonzales, Elder Toolson

Try to think in English (or your new language.)  Pray in your minds.  Sing, talk, WRITE.
Elders de Senahú:  Trate de pensar en inglés (o su nueva lengua.) 
Ore en su mente. Cante, hable, ESCRIBA.


Ask Why! ¡Pregunte porqué!

Elder Cluff:

I like to ask why and how.  I learned from my companion that spoke both languages, when I wanted to know the reason for the grammar rules.  
This helped me in some ways more than just speaking.  I knew what I was saying and why.

Elder Cluff:  Me gustaría preguntar por qué y cómo. Aprendí de mi compañero que hablaba dos idiomas, cuando quise saber la razón de las reglas de gramática.   Ésto me ayudó de alguna manera más que hablar. Sabía lo que estaba diciendo y por qué.

Blast from the past: Voz de sus antepasados

Sister de Leon, Sister Ball:  Blast from the past!  Practice, practice, practice--Never fear...learn new vocabulary daily.  

Sister de Leon, Sister Ball:  (Voz de sus antepasados):   Practicar, practicar, practicar, nunca tengan miedo... aprendan nuevo vocabulario todos los días.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Ask! ¿Cómo se dice?

Sister Bueso: I am always asking my companion, "How do you say this?" 
Study...Read in English...always look for new vocabulary.  Practice, practice, don't be afraid to talk!

Hermana Bueso: Siempre preguntar! 
"¿Cómo se dice?"
Estudio... Leer en inglés... siempre busca nuevo vocabulario. Practicar, practicar, no tenga miedo de hablar!

Monday, May 16, 2016

How do you say Ear Nose and Throat Specialist? Otorrinolaringologo:

Sister Wade: "I take big words that I have a hard time remembering on the wall:  'Mareado', 'otorrinolaringologo,' words such as this."  Try it!  See if you can remember hard words!!

Sister Gomez:  Look for lyrics of favorite hymns where you may be missing a word...learn the meaning!

Hermana Wade: "Tomo grandes palabras que tengo dificultades para recordar en la pared: 'Mareado,' 'ortorinolrigologo,' palabras como éstas."
¡Pruébalo! Vea si usted puede recordar palabras duras! 

Hermana Gomez: "Busque letras de himnos favoritos donde puede faltar una palabra... aprenda el significado!"

Read the Bible in Q'eqchi, Mormon Messages; Lea la Biblia en Q'eqchi, Mensajes Mormones

Elder Bos and Elder Avila in Seritkiche'
Read the Bible in Q'eqchi [or any language you are trying to learn!]
Don't be afraid to speak!
Watch Mormon messages in English [or another language  you hope to learn]
Use your time well with a companion who speaks the language you are trying to learn!.  

En español:
Elder Bos y Elder Ávila en Seritkiche' dicen
Lea la Biblia en Q'eqchi (¡o cualquier idioma que están tratando de aprender!). 
¡No tenga miedo de hablar! 
Vea Mensajes Mormón en inglés (o la idioma que quiere aprender) 
¡Utilice su tiempo bien con un compañero que hable el idioma que está intentando aprender!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Make new friends, keep the old! ¡Hagan nuevos amigos, guarden los viejos!

Elder Perea and Elder Rojas, in Seamay say TALK, TALK, TALK, and make friends with someone who knows the language you want to speak.  When you want to hear and understand, when you really want to be understood, you will find a way!!!!

Elder Perea y Rojas Elder, en Seamay dicen hablar, hablar, hablar y hacer amigos con alguien que sepa el idioma que quiere hablar. ¡¡¡Cuando desea escuchar entender, cuando realmente quiere ser entendido, usted encontrará una manera!!!!!!

Sing in the Shower! ¡Cante en la ducha!

Your missionary language facebook of the day:
 Suggestions from your missionary friends:  
Elder Lara from Panzos
Elder Lara:  Don't be afraid to speak!  

Sing the hymns of Zion.  Don't be afraid to ask questions!
Elder Cavala serving in San Cristóbal:  "Read the Book of Mormon!"
Elder Ellis, Panzons "Sing in the shower!"
(Never mind what your companion thinks!)

En español: 

Su facebook "idioma para misioneros" del día: sugerencias de tus amigos misioneros: 

Elder mayor de Panzos:
 "No tenga miedo de hablar! 

Cantar los himnos de Sión. No tenga miedo de hacer preguntas! 

Elder Cavala sirviendo en San Cristóbal: "Lea el libro de Mormón!"

Elder Ellis, Panzos: 
"Cante en la ducha!" 
(No importa lo que tu compañero piensa!)

Monday, April 25, 2016

Read, sing, talk, think! Leer, cantar, hablar, pensar!

To learn English, Hermana Aguirre and Hermana Esquivel in Los Campos, read the Book of Mormon out loud.  Their suggestions for you:
  Listen music in English, talk and think in English.  

 Para aprender inglés, las Hermanas Aguirre y Esquivel en Los Campos leen el Libro de Mormón en inglés
en alta voz.  
Sus sugerencias para ustedes: 

 Escuchar música en inglés, hablarpensar en inglés. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Family History Fair

On 26 Mar 2016 Coban Barrio 3 had a family history fair.
All missionaries in the zone helped.  One missionary took charge and the Bishop of two corresponding wards, the ward mission leader of at least one assisted.  The Relief Society president and sisters helped create visual aids.  

Announcements were made at church meetings.  Invitations were printed and were handed out by missionaries. 
The date was the Saturday of Semana Santa.  Many families were away from home.  Attendance was less than expected.  They expected 150.  We counted 60 that came through in groups.  Missionaries received signatures from just over 40.
When people arrived, Elders were in charge of signing people in, getting their information, handing them the materials that they would need.  Each was given a MY FAMILY pamphlet, which they were to present and have stamped or signed at each station.

President Curtis joined our Elders in contacting people on the street outside the chapel to invite every passerby to participate. 
The introduction included a prayer, a song, and the Easter Halelujah video.  While different groups were waiting to begin, participants sat in the chapel with a video of music and pictures of temples.
Groups were divided and sent forward into different stations.

1. Family Home Evening
2.  Explanation of family trees and the MY FAMILY pamphlet
3. Examples of people, members that had brought and shared their family pictures and genealogy charts. 

Por encima son algunas de las fotos de la familia de Presidente Curtiss

4. Family Photo-op
5. Computer Lab
5. Indexing (see, indexing is vital)
6. Temples
7. Refreshments:  Tostadas with jamaica punch
Throughout the cultural hall and chapel were balloons, tables with plan of salvation pamphlets, copies of the Book of Mormon.
The sign up included
Address, phone number, name.

The missionaries in charge of the names, divided each by area and sent them to the corresponding missionaries, who in turn could follow up. 
Just one more idea to find, teach, and invite people to more fully participate in the joy of our Heavenly Father's plan through families!  
  Not long ago, we met a missionary returning from the Dominican Republic who found 15 investigators per day, as did his whole mission, sharing the My Family pamphlet.  If you do not have computers in your area, it is possible that with this little book to fill it out and bring it to the temple.  Next to the Guatemala temple there are computers to input data.  

Also, with the application of this smart phone icon, you can record and find information.  People inputting data do not need to be members.  
With the application with this icon,  you can save photographs, stories, and record memories.  

Also, I have found many people who do not have time to read the scriptures, that love the gospel library application.  This is a very useful tool to study the scriptures, basic principles, conference, videos, songs, and things for children.  Use it!!