Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Family History Fair

On 26 Mar 2016 Coban Barrio 3 had a family history fair.
All missionaries in the zone helped.  One missionary took charge and the Bishop of two corresponding wards, the ward mission leader of at least one assisted.  The Relief Society president and sisters helped create visual aids.  

Announcements were made at church meetings.  Invitations were printed and were handed out by missionaries. 
The date was the Saturday of Semana Santa.  Many families were away from home.  Attendance was less than expected.  They expected 150.  We counted 60 that came through in groups.  Missionaries received signatures from just over 40.
When people arrived, Elders were in charge of signing people in, getting their information, handing them the materials that they would need.  Each was given a MY FAMILY pamphlet, which they were to present and have stamped or signed at each station.

President Curtis joined our Elders in contacting people on the street outside the chapel to invite every passerby to participate. 
The introduction included a prayer, a song, and the Easter Halelujah video.  While different groups were waiting to begin, participants sat in the chapel with a video of music and pictures of temples.
Groups were divided and sent forward into different stations.

1. Family Home Evening
2.  Explanation of family trees and the MY FAMILY pamphlet
3. Examples of people, members that had brought and shared their family pictures and genealogy charts. 

Por encima son algunas de las fotos de la familia de Presidente Curtiss

4. Family Photo-op
5. Computer Lab
5. Indexing (see lds.org, indexing is vital)
6. Temples
7. Refreshments:  Tostadas with jamaica punch
Throughout the cultural hall and chapel were balloons, tables with plan of salvation pamphlets, copies of the Book of Mormon.
The sign up included
Address, phone number, name.

The missionaries in charge of the names, divided each by area and sent them to the corresponding missionaries, who in turn could follow up. 
Just one more idea to find, teach, and invite people to more fully participate in the joy of our Heavenly Father's plan through families!  
  Not long ago, we met a missionary returning from the Dominican Republic who found 15 investigators per day, as did his whole mission, sharing the My Family pamphlet.  If you do not have computers in your area, it is possible that with this little book to fill it out and bring it to the temple.  Next to the Guatemala temple there are computers to input data.  

Also, with the application of this smart phone icon, you can record and find information.  People inputting data do not need to be members.  
With the application with this icon,  you can save photographs, stories, and record memories.  

Also, I have found many people who do not have time to read the scriptures, that love the gospel library application.  This is a very useful tool to study the scriptures, basic principles, conference, videos, songs, and things for children.  Use it!! 

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