Monday, February 23, 2015

Heaven's smile

When Elder Starkey and I visited Guatemala City this past week for a dental visit, we got to squeeze in a short visit to the temple.   (My favorite part!)

I love to sit in the celestial room and think about things of eternity. This time, I ran across a verse in D&C 76 that hit my heart.  After the Savior explains all the blessings that are in store for the faithful and Joseph Smith testifies of Christ, that all the children of the earth are begotten sons and daughters of God,  he tells about seeing an angel of God, in authority, "who was in the bosom of the Father"  made incorrect (and prideful) choices, after which "the heavens wept over him...a son of the morning." 

I thought about what it must have meant to be in the bosom of the Father--to be esteemed and loved.  I have decided that I would like to have the heavens smile for my choices every day--to stay "in the bosom of the Father"  by choosing to be exactly obedient.  And when I forget, to fix things quickly.

I have a friend, Alison, who training for triathlons, tells her trainees to remember something they are perfect with--you know, something that you do every day--like brushing teeth or making the bed.  
When we remember something good that we have done, it can aptly extend to other parts of our life. 

One of those things that each of chose was come to earth!  Good choice.  And so many good choices can come from this!

Another is to study language:  (From Elder Holland, Preach My Gospel, chapter 7)
"Don’t be satisfied with what we call a missionary vocabulary only. Stretch yourself in the language, and you will gain greater access to the hearts of the people.”

Also, "If you do not speak English, you should study it as a missionary. This will bless you during your mission and throughout your life. Learning English will enable you to help build the Lord’s kingdom in additional ways and will be a blessing for you and your family."

Today's question:  Explain in your second language something you feel comfortable and good at, that helps you have a "victory" regularly.    Or, explain (in your second language) a time you have felt the heavens smile on something you did. 

As a young missionary, I worked in southern Florida, where our neighbors and tracting areas were mostly Jewish and not very receptive.  After four months of contacting and going door to door, working hard to keep the hours and rules of our mission, a reference came from temple square in Salt Lake for a young adult who wanted to be taught, and subsequently baptized.  We did not find this referral, but Sister Stephens and I both felt that it was a small message from Heavenly Father that our work was accepted.  The Lord knew of our desires to teach and baptized and gave those blessings in His own way.  The heavens smiled and so did we!

Tell me about a time you felt the heavens smile.

I know they smiled when you made a choice to serve a mission.  Thank you!! 
Hermana Starkey

(And a preview for next week's question--please think about why you chose to be a missionary (in your second language.  I am waiting and interested to know.) 
Blessings to you

P.S.  The rules: 
1 point for replying at all (i.e."I read this--in my second language!")
2 points for replying in your second language
5 points per paragraph for answering the question in your second language (and please tell me that it is your second language, because we are still learning who you are!) 

Last week, I counted 27 points.  Good work.  Maybe this week we can get more--sorry for being late today.  I hope to get the language letter out before Monday morning next week.  If I do not get it before your internet time feel free to answer the question in yellow for next week.   :)
Sincerely, Hna. Starkey

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